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Kohler Electric Generators in Central New Jersey

Kohler Electric Generators in Central New Jersey

Bondi Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a recognized Kohler generator retailer in NJ. We are also certified Kohler installers for both residential and commercial projects. We offer complete installation and repair services for stand-alone, standby home generators.

Bondi Electric Contracting, Inc.
KOHLER Generators

Kohler generators can automatically power your air-conditioner, heaters, sump pumps, ovens and refrigerators - all at the same time. All our generators have control panels built into the generator housing. They are programmed to switch on automatically, in case of an electricity supply failure, regardless of whether you are at home or away. There’s an in-built delay of 10 second in the transfer switch, for service protection.

We ensure that the generators run smoothly irrespective of the conditions outside – whether due to weather or other extraneous factors. These generators run on propane or natural gas and are built to outlast most outages. Moreover, our generators are protected for five years and 2,000 hours of operation.