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Security Lighting and Custom Light Systems in Central New Jersey

Security Lighting and Custom Light Systems in Central New Jersey

Installation of security lighting, custom light systems, and computer lines are just a handful of the many electrical services from Bondi Electrical Contractors, Inc. in Martinsville, New Jersey.

Bondi Electric Contracting, Inc.
Bondi Electric Contracting, Inc.

Residential Electrical Services

We provide specialized electrical connections based on your needs, such as connections for pools, spas, and hot tubs. Our team also sets up the connections for your air conditioning wall units, central air handlers, and condensers.

We will install or update your connection for your water heaters and furnaces, and set up connections for your kitchen appliances like dishwashers and ranges. We can also provide garage door opener connections and installations, as well as connections for dedicated computer lines.

Bondi Electric Contracting, Inc.

Complete Electrical Services

  • Track and recessed lighting
  • Security and landscape lighting
  • Exhaust and ceiling fans
  • Smoke detectors
  • GFCI connections
  • Home generator systems
  • Electrical service upgrades

Commercial Electrical Services

Let our company handle all electrical installations for your new construction or help renovate your existing business. We have experience working with retail stores and mall installations, as well as restaurants, medical, and dental offices. Our technicians are experts in the installations of motors, controllers, power distribution adjustments, and setting up dedicated computer circuits.

Make sure your emergency and exit lights are up to code. Set up high-intensity discharge lamp systems and retrofit your existing lighting to create a customized lighting solution to meet your business needs!

Custom Lighting Electrical Services

The team at Bondi Electrical Contractors, Inc will work to create a complete custom lighting design system for your home, office, or place of business. We have experience in creating museum quality lighting for artwork, sculptures, and more!